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Deluxe 4-person Emergency Backpack Kit #MKEX4
Deluxe 4-person Emergency Backpack Kit



Item MKEX4

Deluxe 4-person Emergency Back pack Kit includes:

4 - 2400-cal Emergency Food Bars - 5 yr shelf stable survival food bars, stamped w/exp date, approved by U.S. Coast Guard
4 - Mylar Survival Blankets - retains up to 90% body heat
24 - Pouches Emergency Water - 5-yr shelf-stable survival water, stamped w/exp date
4 - Dust Masks
4 - Hooded Emergency Ponchos
Flashlight with "D" Batteries
2-person Tent
50' Nylon Cord
12-hr Light stick
54-pc First Aid Kit
50 - Water Purification Tablets - 2 tablets purify 1 quart water
Waterproof Matches
Utility Knife
5-n-1 Floating Emergency Whistle with lanyard, compass, waterproof compartment, signal mirror, flint
AM/FM Radio with batteries
Folding Camp Stove
Leather Palm Gloves

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